Cool-looking accessories and gadgets are trending! Lifestyle is more about glitz and glam these days. In the yesteryears, the concept of accessorizing has created quite a stir. People love to carry around good-looking everyday accessories.

Manufacturers, after a cutthroat competition, are bringing aesthetics to everyday items. Our markets are bubbling with attractive options for daily use, for instance, sublimation tumblers.

A tumbler is an essential item of mundane use. There were days when the only purpose of buying a tumbler was to use it for drinking. But no people love to flaunt their taste with cool, funky sublimation tumblers.

This blog post guides you comprehensively on sublimation tumblers; stay hooked.

What Are Sublimation Tumblers?

Before we go into the details, we’ll highlight the concept of a sublimation tumbler. A sublimation tumbler is a tumbler that you can use for drinking something. This tumbler is either stainless steel or any other material.

To give it a more intriguing look, we use the chemical process of sublimation. The ink is transferred to the tumbler’s surface and thus creates the desired print. Talking sublimation is the chemical process that changes something from solid to gaseous states, skipping the liquid phase.

Why Are Sublimation Tumblers So Popular?

Sublimation tumblers have transformed the concept of ordinary glass or sipping bottles. People carrying a water bottle are a common sight. Carrying a bottle is a need. You drink water, and it’s essential. The sublimation tumbler does the same work. The only difference is the appeal. Instead of holding a dull plastic bottle, a sublimation tumbler makes you look vibrant.

The unlimited colors and designs cater to everyone’s choice and taste. Instead of a necessity, people prefer a sublimation tumbler as a styling accessory. You might have seen girls and boys sipping on sublimation tumblers in pastel or pop vibrant colors, meticulous designs, motivational or sassy captions, and so on.

Sublimation Tumblers and DIY

DIY has become a trademark and the most followed trend in recent times. People love to revive and revamp things according to the idea occupying their minds.

It may sound surprising, but the good news is that sublimation tumblers are not something that you can only buy from a market. Having the right tools and knowledge, you can DIY.

You must know not every tumbler is fit for sublimation. The tumblers with a polyester coating are well-suited for sublimation. It is the polyester surface where the ink attaches.

Things you need

  • A blank sublimation tumbler
  • Circuit infusible ink transfer sheet
  • Infusible ink markers
  • Sublimation marker
  • Sublimation ink for the printer
  • Circuit mug
  • Tumbler heat press
  • Craft oven
  • Laser paper
  • Butcher paper
  • Heat-resistant tape

These are the essential requirements for making a sublimation tumbler. However, different methods exist. Choose the way of your choice and get going!


Sublimation tumblers are becoming popular for all the right reasons. These are handy, economical, and stylish. Sublimation enhances your overall look. They have gracefully replaced the old, dull, and boring plastic bottles. Sublimation tumblers make an ideal gift, a gift that can make a special place for you in the receiver’s heart. These are great for DIYing. Get all the necessary tools and ingredients and offer customized sublimation tumblers as a gift or a mini venture.


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