To choose not to eat is one thing; however, to be unable to eat is an entirely different scenario. Now, aside from the availability of money, many other factors may not allow you to feed yourself in certain situations. Some of these include your busy schedule, sickness, and sometimes it can just be that you are inaccessible to food stores. That’s right! Not every location has a food store nearby. That is why it’s better to go for the next best thing – a food vending machine.

A food vending machine is often installed at workplaces, hospitals, and other public places which dispense energizing snacks and drinks when a token/ coin is inserted. This machine offers a more convenient way of accessing food which helps to relieve hunger. However, this mini-food store can only be accessed if you know how to use the machine. As we continue in this article, we will show you how to use a food vending machine to get the food you want.

How To Use A Good Vending Machine

  • Identify The Snack Or Drink You Intend To Buy; The first thing you want to do when getting food from a vending machine is to identify the kind of snack or drink you want to get and confirm the price and corresponding number (code) assigned to the machine. Most vending machines are transparent and you can see the type of food you want to buy, however in an event where the machine you are using is not transparent, there are always images of the type of food that the machine currently possesses, what you want to do is press in the corresponding code for the food that catches your interest.The machine will indicate the price and let you know whether it’s available.
  • Insert The Exact Money For The Selected  Food/Drink Into The Machine: Once you are clear about the price of what you want to buy and whether such an item is available, the next thing is to sort out the money to pay for the item. Ensure that the bills you intend to pay with are smooth and in good condition. You can put the coin in the right slot if you are using coins. The amount of money you will pay should be indicated on the screen. Some new food vending machine models allow you to pay with your card in an event where you do not have any cash with you at the time. To use your card to pay, you must identify the card reader and then scan your card to make the purchase.
  • Press The Button/ Type In The Appropriate Code To Collect Your Purchase:  Once you have made payment for your items, you can finally press the button or type the code of your selected item (for newer models) to receive your it. After this action is done, the vending machine will give drop out your selected food/ drink so you can easily collect it.


The models of food vending machines keep evolving every day. People keep producing better vending machines that are easy to use and deliver food in a better condition, e. g the hot food vending machine that serves hot items like hot dogs and sandwiches. However, it’s important to note that even though these food vending machines may seem different, their method is generally the same, just as we’ve described in this article.


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